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Your Digital Journey starts here...

Digital Technology has a heavy influence on people's lives, from internet shopping at home to sending emails in the workplace and with this technology rapidly evolving it is now more important than ever to learn how to make use of this technology to the highest standard.


Digital Technology

Our curriculum is made up of two disciplines; Digital Technology and Computer Science. In Digital Technology, we will look at Digital Citizenship; Communication & Collaboration and Producing Digital Content.

These topics will be split up across 3 units:

  1. Digital Citizenship Passport
    • In this unit you will complete a Digital Portfolio looking at the benefits and dangers of Internet Safety. You will create a variety of different documents to show an understanding of topics including Geotagging, Cookies and Fake News.
  2. Game Development
    • In this unit you will create a digital game based on teaching pupils about Internet Safety. You will have to plan and design your game before creating it, considering computational thinking. You will have to share your work digitally with game developers to see how you can improve your game.
  3. Fishguard in Bloom
    • In this unit you will create a multimedia website to promote Fishguard. You will create a logo, animation and short video advertisement to include on your webpage.


Computer Science

In Computer Science, you will look directly at developing Computational thinking. You will develop a knowledge of Algorithms, Programming and Program Testing. You will develop your knowledge whilst developing programs using the BBC Microbit. You will create programs using a variety of sensors and be able to physically test them by uploading programs to a Microbit.

All of the learning will take place via Google Classrooms, our online Virtual environment. Each unit will include a variety of video tutorials and challenging material to help you to develop your Digital Knowledge.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ysgol Bro Gwaun and can’t wait to guide you on your Digital Journey.

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