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Your Mathematics journey starts here...


We will be delivering the New Curriculum for Wales to all pupils in Year 7.

The traditional skills of Number, Algebra, Shape and Space and Data Handling will be taught which will enable the pupils to apply them within the following themes.

               Term 1:  Rights and Responsibilities
               Term 2:  Contagion
               Term 3:  Gwaun in Bloom

We  aim to develop the pupils in 5 Mathematical Proficiencies:

  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Communicating with Symbols
  • Strategic Competence
  • Fluency
  • Logical Reasoning.

This is an exciting opportunity for pupils to see the relevance of the skills that are taught and to apply them in a wider context which cover the four purposes of the new curriculum.

In order to assist your child with his / her work, it is of benefit to:

  • Encourage him /her to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally when dealing with simple whole numbers.
  • Discuss work involving money, temperature, percentages and measurements in everyday life.

 The most important thing by far is to encourage your child to learn their times tables.  Fast accurate recall of times tables will enable your child to access so many areas of what we teach in maths.

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