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Y Cwricwlwm Newydd / The New Curriculum

Y Cwricwlwm Newydd / The New CurriculumĀ 

Following a review of curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales by Professor Graham Donaldson, a new curriculum for Wales is in development and will be taught from September 2022.

At the centre of this new curriculum are three main skills areas:

  • Literacy;
  • Numeracy;
  • Digital Competence.

These skills will be embedded across new curriculum areas to ensure that young people in Wales possess the required skills to succeed in their future. Along with these three skills areas come new areas of learning, which are reflected in our school curriculum; they are:

  • Mathematics & Numeracy;
  • English & Communication;
  • Science & Technology;
  • Languages;
  • Health & Wellbeing;
  • Digital Technology and Computer Science;
  • Welsh Baccalaureate;
  • Humanities;
  • Expressive Arts.

To find out more information about how we are embedding these areas of learning, click on them from the drop down.

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