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Your Languages journey starts here...


Year 7 1st language will study the following themes:

  • My new school
  • Family and friends
  • The area and the environment

Year 7 2nd language will study the following themes:

  • A year 6 and 7 bridging unit – Leisure
  • The school
  • Celebrate Wales
  • Arranging a trip
  • Party

Welsh grammar, language rules and reading lessons are delivered throughout the year.  We also incorporate key skills and basic skills into our schemes of work.  Our aim is to secure a strong foundation for every pupil in Welsh, and develop their enjoyment when using the language.

The extra curricular activities through the medium of Welsh are important to develop pupils’ confidence to speak the language.  Year 7 will have the opportunity to join these activities, e.g, A visit to an Urdd camp, the Urdd and the Eisteddfod, football and rugby trips to the Millennium Stadium.

How you can help

Encourage your child to:

  • Read a Welsh book or magazine regularly.
  • Complete the weekly homework.
  • Join the extra curricular activities.
  • Use a Welsh dictionary.
  • When possible, using appropriate Welsh websites to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Welsh language.


During the first year in Ysgol Bro Gwaun, the pupils are taught to communicate in a lively manner, using practical and useful language. The skills of oracy, reading and writing in French are developed. French is the main language used in the classroom in order to familiarise the pupils with the language from the outset.

The language is presented using various means and every effort is made to ensure that the lessons are interesting and lively. We learn a number of French songs during the year – songs which will help the pupils to memorise vocabulary and constructions presented in lessons. Homework is set regularly, although it might not always be written work.  We put great emphasis on learning vocabulary and it is of primary importance that pupils are aware of the necessity of learning work thoroughly.

During the year pupils are often given the opportunity of receiving a French speaking pen- friend. During the first weeks of the term, pupils can also order French magazines. These magazines have been prepared specifically for learners and contain interesting and colourful material in simple French. Throughout the year, pupils are given the opportunity to use the school’s ICT suites to further their development in French, either by using French activity websites or by creating school blogs; developing French speaking “vokis” and recording/filming themselves speaking and using French. The department also regularly runs a trip abroad and pupils will have an opportunity to go to France with the school during their time at Ysgol Bro Gwaun.

Below is a list of some of the topics studied during the first year. These are topics based on the pupil’s personal world.  In studying these vocabulary areas, we also place emphasis on developing skills of communication and working with others. Throughout the year, pupils will start to gain a good understanding of how language works.

  1. Greetings.
  2. Numbers.
  3. Asking and giving of names.
  4. Content of pencil case and school bag.
  5. Simple classroom instructions.
  6. The alphabet.
  7. Days of the week and months of the year.
  8. Colours.
  9. School subjects.
  10. Asking for and giving information regarding birthday dates.
  11. Shapes.
  12. Asking and giving age.
  13. Asking and giving details of where they live.
  14. Talking about leisure activities.
  15. Likes and dislikes.
  16. Personal descriptions – size and personality.
  17. Brothers and sisters.

How you can help

You can help your child with written work by ensuring:

  • They follow the patterns presented in class.
  • They pay attention when copying French words.

You can help your child to learn vocabulary and simple expressions:

  • by giving them simple vocabulary tests.

You can:

  • follow the links from the school website in order to locate vocabulary games and activities. These sites are also used in school.

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