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What is a school governor?

School governors are volunteers who help to run the school. Most schools work with a group of school governors - together they’re called the 'governing body'. They’re involved in decisions about all aspects of managing the school – such as running buildings and budgets, supporting staff and setting standards of school discipline.

Governors also help to make big decisions about the school’s long-term goals. They support headteachers, but also ask questions and make sure the headteacher is taking the school in the right direction (BBC, n.d).


Every year, the governors are required to publish a report to Parents, this is the AGPM report.


Annual General Parents Meeting Reports

AGPM Report 2023

AGPM Report 2021

AGPM Report 2020

AGPM Report 2019

AGPM Report 2018


Parental Right to Meet with the Governing Body

Effective from 4th May, 2013, there is no longer a requirement for governing bodies to hold an Annual Parents’ Meeting.

New statutory guidance has been issued by the Welsh Government to this effect (104/2013).

Parents now have the right to request up to three meetings per year with the governing body to discuss issues which concern them.  The purpose must be to discuss issues with relate to the school.  It cannot be about individual pupil progress, or to air grievances against members of staff or the governing body.

Annex B - Your right to request a meeting with the school's governing body

Atodiad B - Eich hawl i ofyn am gyfarfod gyda chorff llywodraethu'r ysgol


Governor Handbooks

Please find the English and Welsh Governor handbook below:

English Version / Fersiwn Cymraeg




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