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Siarter Iaith/Welsh Language Charter

The Welsh Language Charter is a project to encourage the use of Welsh socially in schools in Wales.

As part of the Charter, each individual school completes a baseline exercise to determine current language use before developing an action plan to work towards a bronze, silver or gold award. It encourages participation from every member of the school community - pupils, parents, school governors and the wider community. 

Communication is at the heart of modern life – growing up bilingual meant that children will be developing skills for life.

In September the following school members were appointed as Language Charter Members.

Aelodau Siarter Iaith 2019- 20/Language Charter Members 2019-20

During the first meeting, the following actions were agreed: 

  • A competition to create a school logo and name for the YBG Language Charter,
  • Staff and members of the Language Charter should have badges so that they may be identified by all.
  • Shwmae Day activities on insirational leaders - pupils were allocated to departments and will asist these departments to create Shwmae activities for the Shwmae Day on the 15th of October.
  • Pupils from the Language Charter have agreed to attend the Caffi Cymraeg.

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