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Pembrokeshire County Council will require all staff and learners in secondary schools to carry face coverings with them.  They will be expected to use them in communal areas and corridors in line with the school’s own risk assessment. Face coverings are recommended where social distancing cannot be maintained.  However they are not a replacement for far more effective measures such as good hand hygiene and social distancing.

All pupils are asked to ensure that they bring an appropriate face covering to the school on their return.

Gweler y datganiad diweddaraf i'r wasg gan PCC Transport mewn perthynas a'r rheolau diogelwch ar gyfer pob disgybl sy'n teithio dan gludiant i'r ysgol.

Please see below the latest press release from PCC Transport in relation to the safety rules for all pupils travelling on school transport.

 Online Learning Environment - Google Classroom

Dear parent/guardian, our online learning environment is now active through Google Classroom. To access the content your child(ren) must log in to Google Classroom via HWB. For any help on accessing this please email:

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