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Maths MAT Trip - Pembrokeshire College

During July, a group of year 10 MAT pupils visited Pembrokeshire College to take part in a Maths Conference organised by the FMSP (Further Maths Support Programme) from Swansea University. Bro Gwaun pupils attended a series of workshops where they were challenged to solve mathematical questions, for example Queen Dido’s problem.

Team work and patience was needed in the Tower Building Challenge where pupils where just given ten pieces of A4 paper and glue to build the tallest freestanding tower possible and a platform strong enough to hold the weight of a house brick. The competitive spirit of the pupils definitely shone through here! In the final session, quick thinking was required in order to determine the shortest route across two airport runways or how to measure out exactly 500ml with limited resources.

In addition, pupils were provided with a set of questions to complete independently throughout the day, with the top three entries winning prizes. Bro Gwaun pupils rose to the challenge with Rowan Hathaway-Henderson and Chris Harries securing two of the top three places. Overall, an enjoyable day of mathematical challenges was had by all.

We have high expections for ourselves as a school and for all of our pupils.

- Paul Edwards

Ysgol Bro Gwaun

Heol Dyfed



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